• Copper Prop Candle CPC
    Copper Prop Candle CPC


    The Copper Prop Candle is made form a single sheet of copper folded by hand. It imitates a piece of paper thrown in the garbage.

    By recreating the "prop papier" by hand every time again and again, all the pieces become…

    € 99,00
  • Dimable Lampshade
    Dimable Lampshade

    Dimmable Lampshade

    The outer shell can rotate freely around the inner shell. Therefor controlling the light that passes through the slots, or in other words; analog dimming.

    Laser cut metal and copper gilded

    50x45 cm

    € 1.450,00
  • OdkK

    Upside Down Candle

    A very simple archetypal yet elegant candle holder that can be turned upside down. So either burn four normal sized candles, or put the candle holder upside down and burn one candle, or use it for…

    € 110,00
  • Brass Prop Lamp
    Brass Prop Lamp

    The BrassProp Lamp is from the same series as the CopperProp Lamp. Every single piece is made by the designer himself, crushed by hand. This makes all the lamps unique pieces. They come in three sizes: S, M and L, in copper and in…

    € 199,00

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