• JR22

    JR22 Lounge Chair

    The JR 22 is a lounge chair made from a laser-cut metal frame with sliding slots which allow the user to interchange the seating elements. ​The Batyline lining functions as a non stretch fabric.


    € 1.999,00
  • Foam Kruk
    Foam Kruk


    The FoamsStool is made form pourable soft foam with is molded in a “open face” mold. Inside the mold sits a baseplate with slots which allows the foam to grow through. This gives the stool its unique pattern. Tho…

    € 169,00
  • Copper Prop Candle CPC
    Copper Prop Candle CPC


    The Copper Prop Candle is made form a single sheet of copper folded by hand. It imitates a piece of paper thrown in the garbage.

    By recreating the "prop papier" by hand every time again and again, all the pieces become…

    € 99,00
  • Brass Prop Lamp
    Brass Prop Lamp

    The BrassProp Lamp is from the same series as the CopperProp Lamp. Every single piece is made by the designer himself, crushed by hand. This makes all the lamps unique pieces. They come in three sizes: S, M and L, in copper and in…

    € 199,00
  • SodaSopa Vanity
    SodaSopa Vanity

    SodaSopa Double Vanity

    A double vanity with an A-symetrical design. The bowls are connected in the middel by a bridge like design. This connection functions as an overflow.

    Casted in epoxy resin and polished by hand for a silky…

    € 1.950,00
  • SodaSopa Coaster
    SodaSopa Coaster

    SodaCoasters, Presse-Papiers

    Old school presse-papiers. An static object to keep all your letters on your desk. A set of coaster to place you glasses or fases on, to prevent stains on your fancy desk. Not suited for hot…

    € 120,00
  • Dimable Lampshade
    Dimable Lampshade

    Dimmable Lampshade

    The outer shell can rotate freely around the inner shell. Therefor controlling the light that passes through the slots, or in other words; analog dimming.

    Laser cut metal and copper gilded

    50x45 cm

    € 1.450,00
  • OdkK

    Upside Down Candle

    A very simple archetypal yet elegant candle holder that can be turned upside down. So either burn four normal sized candles, or put the candle holder upside down and burn one candle, or use it for…

    € 110,00
  • You Horn
    You Horn

    The You Horn, an acoustic porcelain audio amplifier for the iPhone. Made during a residency in Jingdezhen China, 2010.

    The You Horn won first price at the Pols Potten design contest. (2011)

    In production at Pols Potten.…

    € 199,00
  • YH Bowl
    YH Bowl

    A small dish for coins and keys. With the same acoustic amplifier technique as the You Horn. This is specifically ment to be a table centre piece.

    In production at Pols Potten.

    3D printed and casted in porcelain.

    - White sold…

    € 99,00
  • YH Vase
    YH Vase

    Music and flowers. A vase and a acoustic audio amplifier in one.

    Based on the same principal as the You Horn.

    Cardboard prototype and casted in porcelain.

  • SP01

    SP01 Dining SetThe SP01 (self-portrait) is my graduation project made in 2012. The whole set is a direct translation of my 2D drawings on paper into a form language which comes closest to the character of the initial…

    € 3.600,00
  • SP Lounge SPL01
    SP Lounge SPL01

    The SP01 (self-portrait) is my graduation project made in 2012. The whole set is a direct translation of my 2D drawings on paper into a form language which comes closest to the character of the initial sketch.

    There are no…

    € 2.350,00
  • R&R

    Roymans & Roymans HerritageNiltsan and Josha Roymans started their own clothing line. Our first product is a Hibiscus denim jean.

    We want to create garments with a story, or in other words, every detail of the garment has a…

  • Appelmoes

    A children poem book written by Anne Moes and illustrated by Josha Roymans.

    € 10,00
  • Casa Playgrounds
    Casa Playgrounds

    In collaboration with Jolan van der Wiel

    Water bottles collected from the streets are used as molds for concrete playground creatures. The smooth texture of the botlles gives the casted concrete a huggable surface. Uncomplicated…

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